Hi… Meet Tabbytha…

Tabbytha is a 1992 Tabbert Baronesse 660 caravan.


This is Tabbytha at her recent inaugural outing in the New Forest

We bought Tabbytha in December 2009 and started to work on renovating her on the 28th December on what was to be a 4 week project – 2 months at the most.
Eight months later and she still isn’t finished, but we have managed to have a holiday in her!

Just hours before the start of our holiday in mid August, though, we were franticly working on her in order for her to be road legal.

We made it of course and Tabbytha proudly made her way down to the New Forest to give us our first holiday in her.

This is the story of Tabbytha, why we wanted her, what she was like when we bought her, and what we have done to her.
We have hundreds of photographs of her at each stage of her renovation to show how she became what she is today.

As we write her story so the site will change to include a blog, a forum and a photo gallery

Thank you for looking… please come back soon

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One Response to Hi… Meet Tabbytha…

  1. Aventuraman says:

    You are obviously people after my own heart! I have done the same sort of thing as you; twice!
    I restored an Avondale perle Orion classic of 1991 vintage a few years back; after we bought it i found extensive damp at the front end; rather than take it back i kept it and fixed it!
    I bought my present caravan about a year and a half ago and it was the back end that was in need of repair; i did that myself too. I like you have many pictures of my work, which i intend putting in my gallery on T&T.
    well done; that looks a lovely caravan!

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