A Baronesse

We found a Tabbert Baronesse on eBay just before Christmas 2009, it was described as a shed or children’s  play den and came with a set of pictures:

Our first view

Well at first glance it didn’t look bad so…

Inside view of the seating

The seating could do with recovering

The Seating Area

Well I suppose that could be an improvement, how about the kitchen?

The existing Kitchen

Could be something there, a wardrobe next to it and then a bedroom

The Double ^Fixed^ Bed

Ahh… a fixed double bed – well frame anyway – but we were promised there was a mattress being stored in the dry

But the bathroom…

Wash Room

Was empty and there was some damage…

The Lighting Damage

To one corner where someone had reversed it into a tree.

But the best bit was that it was close to home, in fact only about 5 miles away. OK so it wasn’t perfect but there was something there, enough to warrant a look at least, but I was working away until Christmas so I couldn’t see it in the flesh… But my OH could, so I duly sent an email to the seller asking for a viewing, a day and time was arranged and the OH, armed with camera and a friend went to see it.

I rang her while she was there and we talked about it, she had some reservation about the damaged lighting, I was quite happy it could be fixed easily we discussed worth together and then I talked to the buyer and we discussed price, we eventually agreed on a figure to be paid half as a deposit and the remainder on pick-up on Boxing Day and that is how we came to buy a van without me seeing it in the flesh!

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