The Plan

Well the 26th arrived and although I was itching to see the caravan in the flesh it wasn’t until the next day that I looked at it, yes it was in a bit of a mess but it didn’t really matter as everything would be coming out anyway for the rebuild. The important thing was that the actual shell was sound and would contain the new design without problems.

The plan was quite simple really, we wanted a fixed bed in a closed off bedroom, also fixed bunks for the girls in their own closed off area, a toilet with a separate shower, a kitchen where the cook wasn’t disturbed by people coming in and  out of the van, a seating area, a decent hanging wardrobe and storage space (everything had to have a home), as I said simple really…

Having examined everything and made notes we retired to B&Q to buy some new screwdrivers (these were to be “caravan screwdrivers”) and a box to put them in. We didn’t know it at the time but B&Q was going to become the supply station for most of our wants, we also had Wickes, Focus and various other builders merchants to choose from, so we should be able to get exactly what we wanted (hmmm… no comment!)

Removed Doors

The next day saw us working on the caravan, very much like kids in a sweetshop – so much to do we didn’t know where to start first, but we implemented one thing – our bedroom was to be left – it wasn’t perfect but it was usable and we could close it off from the remainder of the van so we could leave it until the following year to renovate it and concentrate on getting the living area renovated in the 4 weeks or so I had allowed.

Kitchen and Wardrobe Removed

So we spent the day getting busy with screwdrivers and battery drills fitted with screwdriver bits removing doors, units and appliances – well there were only 2 – at the end of the day we were left with a caravan that looked like a bit of a bombsite.

We had removed most of the doors and the kitchen units and wardrobe and had managed to get the plastic bathroom cabinet out – it had no doors so we wouldn’t be re-using it, we had also found that the aerial pole seen in the

The Now Empty Toilet/Shower Room

picture above was not capped and rain water had been running down through the centre of it. Also the rooflight cover had come off at some stage, I’d screwed a temporary cover over it but the water was dripping off the screws where it had made it’s way down the thread through the cover – a very good demonstration of why a sealant is needed with screws.

The Cooker Awaiting It's Fate

We had taken a lot of stuff out so far, some we would re-use while other bits would end up being scrapped, it would definitely be goodbye to the Calor heater but we weren’t sure yet if we’d be keeping the cooker – I wasn’t sure if it was a natural gas or LPG plus it was a bit on the grubby side, at the moment it would stay, but who knows what tomorrow would bring.

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