A Happy New Year

So here we were on the 1st of January 2010 back working on the van

What We Had Left

As you can see from the pictures very little was left, we had decided to get rid of the cooker and our thoughts were the same for the seating as well, although it could have been recovered it wasn’t really going to fit in with our plan, but I was going to salvage some of the mechanical bits for later use

Everything Stored Under The Bed

Much of the stuff we had removed and thought we might need we stored under the bed – although we couldn’t get the bed base back down again :roll:

Getting everything out of the way gave us the chance of examining the caravan internally for bad bits and unfortunately there were one or two, the

Hole In The Floor

wallboard below the EHU socket was decidedly wet and spongy as was the wallboard below the fridge vent, and we also found this hole on the right – actually it wasn’t this big when I found it but by the time I’d been prodding it for a while it didn’t ‘arf grow :lol:

Was the caravan full of ‘damp’ – well no the caravan was quite dry actually – the odd bit of condensation on the

Basking In The Sun

windows in the morning which was to be expected seeing the inside of the van was a lot warmer than the outside… and talking of the outside she certainly knew how to present herself in the low winter sunlight of a January afternoon.

Who could not want a caravan like this – even if she did have one or two blemishes – she was still very striking

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