First Repair


The second day of the new year had arrived, we had broken up the seating yesterday, just keeping the ‘rock and roll” brackets and the lift brackets off the other seats, and first thing this morning we’d taken it to the recycling centre.

I’m not sure what it is about a recycling centre but we always

And Tidy

have to look and see what is in the ‘shop’ and today was a good day for us – 3 brand new lengths of worktop still wrapped, the big question was would it’s colour match with everything else – well it was black granite and probably looked better than the bits of walnut we’d taken out and at a fiver a sheet we couldn’t lose

Locker Door Repair

I decided to do some repair work to the gas locker door – it had three cracks in it two major and one small one. With hindsight I made two mistakes – the first one, it was January – it was absolutely freezing outside and I had decided to work out there in the freezing cold. The second mistake I was using glass fibre – I didn’t

Gas Locker Door Repair

take into account that it was a ABS door! That last part was a shame really as I reckoned I did a reasonable job of applying the patches in freezing conditions.

Those of you that don’t know about ABS, it is one of those plastics that can be difficult to repair with some people saying that it

One Of The Cracks Outside

can only be successfully repaired using sonic welding, the picture on the right shows the extent of one of the cracks outside – the black splodges are dirt, I really think that we should get this caravan washed :lol:

Anyway I can say that the glass fibre repair worked, everything held together perfectly after it all hardened and all I had to do now was to trim the edges and generally clean it up – a job for tomorrow.

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