In the cold light of day

Well after agreeing a price and shaking electronic hands on the deal the thoughts of “what have I done” began to appear, as they are want to do on these occasions of course, but the feeling wasn’t helped later that night as I looked at the photos which my OH had taken of the van:

Scratched and worn

Scratched and worn

Many of the doors were in this state, some were broken others were broken and badly repaired

Kitchen and Wardrobe

Both the kitchen doors and the bottom wardrobe door were broken, bits and pieces of the furniture were missing as well, and the cutlery drawer when opened fell off

The drawer fell off

A hole had been hacked out of the worktop to fit the cooker

The cooker

A Calor potable heater had been installed?

The heating

This was in place of the Truma or Carver blown heating and fire. Pipes were sticking through the floor where appliances had been removed

Terminated gas pipework

And wires had been cut and left hanging

Cut wires

Then came the entrance door

Bottom door inside

The bottom of it was carpet coated shuttering ply and the top

Top door inside

wasn’t much better – neither was the outside of it

Outside of door

And while we are on the outside

Nearside rear corner

Lenses were missing off the lights and the trim was coming out

EHU point

Covers were missing or damaged

Gas box door vent

and windows were broken

Broken rear window

In fact only the horse and trap stopped it from leaking water.

And then there was the rear corner damage

Damaged rear corner

Which really looks bad here but in real life…

Well I hadn’t seen it in the flesh but my OH had and her main concern was the damage to the back corner, which didn’t really worry me at all. With hindsight it all looked bad but something was saying we should buy it, there was something there that we wanted, something that was drawing us to this Tabbert.

Two days later we paid the deposit

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